The Adventures in Urth

The story so far

A group of 5 strangers decided to fend off an attack of undead horde in a market district of Zion. Hearing word the King of Zion needing Adventurers they head toward the capital district. Upon nearing one part of the city, they battle off more undead. They meet a paladin who was sent to help bring any adventurers to the capital. As they moved foraard, they found a yound druid being beseiged by more undead. They decide to help but become forced into a seamingly abandoned temple. They fight their way downstairs and confront a Lich controlling the dead. Upon victory they find a mad illusionist who just had them move his plans forward. Before dying he speaks toward his leige calling his leige Zerus.

Meeting with the king was equally as troubling, as the king was being controled by a “god” named Hagane. Hagane informs them to wait for an order. As soon as night falls they come under attack by a dragon who raises dead from the ground. Upon victory they find an orb and an unknown symbol.



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